We have listed some of the types of powder coating and sandblasting work we have done.

Powder Coated Industrial Machinery

Pictured here is a piece industrial machinery with it’s components powder coated by Mayes Powder Coating and Sandblasting. We were able to handle the many various sizes and shapes of these parts with ease due to our 21′ powder coating booth.

This is another example of industrial machinery parts being made much better by powder coating the parts for looks and protection. This robotics company has Mayes Powder Coating do many parts for them. These parts are much more attractive looking and will resist rust and corrosion much better with the powder coating we have done for them.

Powder Coated Racing and Car Parts

We have done many racing and automotive applications. Here are some wheels that we powder coated a gloss black for a great look. We think you will agree that powder coated wheels really make a statement with color and shine. Because we can expertly sandblast your wheels, the powder coating we apply will be received on clean steel for best results.

Hers is a ATV frame we powder coated for a uniquely sharp look. Our racing and automotive work includes motorcycle frames, car frames and parts like hoods and roll bars. Make your racer or ATV or motorcycle stand out with a bright powder coating color. We offer a rainbow of colors and variety of finishes for you to select from.

We do a lot of powder coating for racing applications, automotive parts, motorcycle and ATV frames and parts. We helped this jeep owner have an eye catching and restored looking parts for his pride and joy.

This Ford wheel looks a lot nicer now after we powder coated it this beautiful charcoal color. Let us know how we can help you make your wheels better looking and last longer.


Powder Coated Industrial Parts

These are some of the industrial parts we help make beautiful and protected so they last. These rollers are much more effective and protected after we have done our powder coating work on them. We help our clients produce wonderful end products that help to meet a variety of needs. For example, helping a truss maker with machinery for loading trusses on to the trucks for delivery.

These military target stands have been sandblasted and otherwise readied for powder coating. We have all of the equipment and facilities to handle many small parts like these or very large parts up to 20 feet long.


Powder Coated Motorcycle Frames

motor cycle frames and ATV parts powder coated for Indianapolis IN by Mayes Powder Coating. Powder coating Indianapolis, Moorseville, Brownsburg, Greenwood, Smith Valley, Franklin, Bargersville, Bloomington, Martinsville, Shelbyville, Lafayette, Lebanon, Plainfield, Avon, Clayton, Greenfield, Anderson, Pendleton, Fortville, McCordsville, Lawrence, Beech Grove, Noblesville, Carmel, Fishers and Whiteland Indiana.These are a few of the many motorcycle frames and parts we have powder coated. This is a great way to make your bike stand out and stay looking good longer because of the protection powder coating offers.


Here are some more ATV and motor cycle parts we have powder coated for our customers. Notice how powder coated frames of black and charcoal look great! See how the yellow ATV frame parts just pop!